Sunday, November 15, 2015

the tale of two couches

Many of you know that the theme for the past few Christmases around here has been - Less is More and It's the Thought That Counts, well for 2015 we are adding a tag line - The Oldest Got Braces and We Had to Buy New Furniture. So this year friends and family, we invite you to peer with wonder into The Abster's sparkly smile while you cop a squat on our new furniture. We're happy to put a bow on each for you.

Mike and I have lived 19 years worth of marriage on hand me down or second hand purchased living room furniture. With no complaint, I might add. We always seemed to do pretty well in the hand me down department. In the past few months the springs in our couch, love seat and recliner have all gone the way of the dinosaur. Watching a movie or Netflix can get dicey if you're the last one to the living room.

So shopping we went. Mike actually fell in love with a set the first place we went to. I liked it, I liked what the guy had to say about it and I liked the price, but I didn't love it. Still I was willing to go with it if Mike was, indeed, that crazy about it.


Mike was ready to buy, but I said we'd be crazy not to look around another store or three to make really truly sure. So we popped into a couple of more places and I realized I didn't want to settle. After 19 years of hand me downs, if we were going to buy brand new to us furniture for the first time I didn't want it to be an "meh, it's okay" sort of situation. Which is how I felt about the first set that Mike loved. I also didn't realize that I wanted to increase our seating capacity until we went looking around a bit more. So......


This, a matching couch without the chaise and an accent chair will be coming home to our place. Actually we just put a deposit down on the pieces so we could come home and do some measuring and figure out if this would work. You know how it is, the pieces seemed much smaller in the store and Mike has a history of buying Christmas trees that scrape the ceiling because they looked small out in the field. So we spent the rest of Saturday measuring and mentally moving things around, but we came up with three configurations that would work, so it looks like we'll go ahead with it. Which, phew, because I am so in love with this stuff I can't even tell you and Mike does too, so win win. Cannot wait to park my butt on it! Also in related news I have felt sick to my stomach since Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

sunday randoms

This weekend was a mash up of necessary and fun errands. Things like grocery shopping (necessary) and furniture shopping (also necessary) and taking a girl to get her ears pierced (fun! (for some of us)).

There was a coffee date that turned into a lunch date. Aren't those the best kind of dates? The ones you don't want to end because you have so much to talk and laugh about?

There was time for board games. Time for an unexpected play date. Time to catch up with Vinnie Chase and his Entourage. 

There was time for a drink. Time to wrap up a volunteer project. Time to take care of those pesky leaves with many thanks to a super great neighbour.

There was time to kinda of sorta make it through Donald Trump on SNL. Time for multiple The Mindy Project episodes (guys! I can't even stop watching it!!)

Time to pick up birthday presents and to buy soap that smells so good I want to eat it.

There was even time to blog.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, November 07, 2015


Yep, I will totally blog about Halloween even though it happened a whole week ago. Lazy blogging for the win!

For those of you who have been hanging around for a while or who know me in the real world, then you know that Halloween doesn't exactly blow my skirt up, but I am learning to embrace it. There were a few more Halloweenie decorations that worked their way into the house this year and I dressed up, not once but twice!


The girls took control of the pumpkins this year.... Maya did the ghost and Abby, the hands.


Both girls went with a Day of the Dead/Sugar Skull theme. Abby grabbed this face tattoo at the dollar store and I jazzed it up a bit with some face paint. We were both pretty happy with how it turned out.


We trick or treated with friends and then curled up to watch Pitch Perfect 2 while I ate all the spicy Doritos the kids collected (wimpy palettes for the win!)

Hope you all had an equally fantastic haunting!

Friday, November 06, 2015

friday high five

Time for a little Friday High Five.... Welcome back Friday, you've been missed.

1. That Adele song. Yeah, you know the one. How amazingly beautiful is that song?
2. All the kit kats I could sneak out of the girls' Halloween bags without getting caught.
3. Caramel Brulee Lattes are back and I have a date to drink one with one of my bestest girls this weekend!
4. Family Fun night at the mall!
5. The Mindy Project! Seriously guys, why didn't I listen to TC sooner? (the very same TC who promised to marry me even if I get turned into a zombie the zombie apocalypse, now that is true love folks!) This show is so so funny!

What gets your high fives this week?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

words from the fridge - a thank you

The Back Story: On the side of our fridge there can be found a saying that speaks to me. I change it out whenever the mood strikes me and leave it for the kids to discover. Usually they do at dinner time and it always leads to a conversation about how it relates to each of us and how we interpret the meaning. They are interesting and fun convos indeed.

The Latest:


This is a variation of something the oldest will tell you I tell her constantly - You have to find your people. She's 13 and finding herself, her voice, her funny, her convictions and her friends. New school, new mix, new opportunities. It's a lot to process. Here's the thing though, I was a 13 year old girl once upon a time as well and I didn't find my people.

Making friends was never an easy thing for me. Anxiety will do that to you, so I didn't find my people, I would wait for people to find me and sometimes the ones that did were not the best people for me. They just weren't "my people", but I was so grateful that anyone included me, that I put up with, probably, more than I should have. Sometimes though, I got incredibly, unbelievably lucky and some really fantastic people found me. I don't really want that for her.... for either of them, I want her to find her tribe (or squad, if you will).


As I got older and learned to manage my anxiety better, making friends became easier. I found my people and that is a really wonderful thing. I also read a book, quite by accident, called MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche. Very basically, the author moves to a new town, leaving her besties behind and decides to go on 52 "lady dates" to find a new best friend. I admit I don't remember much about the "dating" part of the story, but the science of friendships really kind of stuck with me. Again, very basically, women are healthier/better versions of themselves with a certain friend structure - So many very best friends, secondary best friends, friends because of something (eg volunteer friends, work friends) and then acquaintances. I read this quite a while ago, so I don't want to quote the actual numbers. It was an interesting take and given how terrific I have felt in the past few years and how my social circle has increased to meet those numbers...... well it made perfect sense to me.


I guess the lesson am hoping they both take from this is that you should never settle, but just because a person you meet isn't your instant BFF for life, that doesn't mean there isn't value in that relationship and by extension, you should always be kind and respectful. I think it's helpful to understand how your friends fit into your life. I am probably not going to say the same things to a volunteering friend as I am to one of my very best friends.


Lest you think I am constantly rating and judging my friends, I'm not. Who has time for that nonsense? Friends fluctuate through out your life, based on so many things, need, time, life stages, interests, geography and a million things more. Maintaining and cultivating relationships, of any kind, is a never ending journey.


To those people in my life .... and they know who they are..... thank you for a million things, things both known and unknown. For lifting me up when I needed it. For the laughs and the hugs.


For daily texts of randomness. For being the people I can say just about anything to. For making the work stuff fun and the fun stuff funner!



For stepping up in ways I never expected and a million more things I can't even begin to articulate. You have made my life infinitely richer and I am so very grateful we found each other. Much love to you all xo

Friday, October 16, 2015

friday high fives

Time for a little Friday High Five! Friday.... I'm so happy you're here. What is it about a short week that makes it feel so long?

1. Yoga! The littlest one and I have been doing some yoga. Just another tool for her to help manage her worries. I had forgotten how much I love yoga.
2. The Blue Jays! Are you kidding me? That was a crazy game Wednesday night.
3. Brooklyn 99. Just started watching this as a solo project on Netflix. I love me some Andy Samberg.
4. Unexpected visits with TWCN and his parents.
5. Hoodies! It's finally hoodie weather y'all!

What are you high fiving?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

it was fairly awesome

So the fair is all wrapped up. Well it wrapped up a while a go, but I have been busy with post fair paper work, which means 95% of all laptop time has been spread sheet related, to the point that I foolishly gave myself a migraine. Totally my fault. I kept pushing past the point I knew I should have shut the whole thing down and taken a break. Ahh well.

The fair was a bit of a new experience for us this year. A lot of firsts. For the first time all four of us were card carrying volunteering fair members and as such I expected them to work. They did not disappoint. Typically fair weekend requires a fair bit of child care juggling. In years past my Mom has come to stay with us during that time, allowing Mike and I to come and go as we needed to. Other years they have bounced from one grandparent to another, spending sleepovers with whoever was available. This year the kids came and went with us, that meant long hours for them, which they took with little complaining. Mike and I have a responsibility to make sure that the school fair building is opened and closed at the appropriate times, that the building is manned during the hours the fair is open and so on, strictly speaking it doesn't require us to be there 100% of the time. We are not a committee of two, but I like being around as much as I can to answer questions, help kids find their art work, hand out high fives for a job well done and explain any judges decisions if necessary.


Maya was happy to hang out and help me in that department. Mike usually disappears to run a people mover at some point over the weekend and for the very first time we let Abby hang out with her friends all by herself. She was fairly decent about checking in with me (read: Not often enough for this Mama and far too often for the teenager, so probably the perfect amount).


Maya took her sister abandoning her in stride and hit up some rides all on her own. Big step for her! And she convinced me to go on the ferris wheel with her, which I thought would be no big deal, like the heights weren't going to bother me this time..... yeah, no. Big deal. Very big deal. But in the end we all survived.



We celebrated Poppa's birthday with pizza and award winning cupcakes the girls baked. The girls entered record amounts of projects this year and won a veritable boatload of bucks!


It is a lot of work to help them get that all tagged and ready, but so worth it. I think it teaches them to be gracious winners and losers, to appreciate hard work, and so much more.  Yep, totally worth our house looking like a bomb went off in it for days afterwards.


In the end it was a great weekend with my little cuties and my guy. Family volunteering win!