Tuesday, August 19, 2014

how indeed

I don't want to over sell this whole Maya loves competing at horse shows thing, but tonight we headed over to the fairgrounds to get our building ready for the fair and that place was just hopping. There were cars and trailers parked every where. Since it doesn't typically look that way on a random Tuesday night......

Maya: What's going on here?
Me: Oh there's a horse show.
Maya: How could they have a horse show that I'm not involved with?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

happy anniversary

And 18 years looks like this......


Am I a lucky girl or what?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

saddle up

So while it may the end of an era for Abby, it's just the beginning for Maya. MyPie has almost two years of lessons under her belt and a complete and total love of horse shows. This year she's only showing in the lead line class, meaning while she walks and trots someone else is leading her horse for her, but she is desperate to be out there on her own. Which is completely baffling to me, seeing as how she's spent most of her life attached to my leg and hiding behind my skirts. Abby has always been the more socially outgoing of our kids, but the thought of riding her horse in front of an audience does not appeal to her in any way. Maya, on the other hand, laps it right up.

It's so funny to see her even the night before a show, she very carefully lays out all of her clothes in preparation. The morning of a show she hops right out of bed and is dressed and ready in a blink.


A few weeks ago Maya was in her second show and she knocked it out of the park. The judges asked to see a walk and a trot going both clockwise and counter clockwise.


It is without a doubt the best bit of horse showmanship you'll ever hope to see. Okay, so we may be a bit prejudiced, but this time around the judges agreed.


First place for MyPie. I don't think she stopped squeeing for the rest of the day. She was ridiculously proud of herself.


Little sweetie that she is though, she was very worried that perhaps bringing home this red ribbon was going to make Abby feel bad, but Abby was a picture perfect proud big sister.

Only another couple of weeks until the next show and Maya is already asking daily how many days left until the show. I'm not going to lie I can't wait either.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

and that's a wrap

It is the end of an era, that's for sure.

Abby and Jay in happier times before he squashed her foot.

I just finished sending an email that expressed Maya's intention to continue riding lessons in the fall session and Abby's intention to not continue riding lessons in the fall session. After five years of weekly lessons (and three falls), Abby felt it was something she was ready to let go of.

It's not just riding. You gotta work too.

So does that mean she's done with horses? No, absolutely not. She loves to ride, but she does not love the idea of Horse Shows. It's not something she has any interest in doing and at this point of her lessons they are more focused on preparing her to compete.

Guess where I am!

Luckily Grandma Sandi has Star living the high life, just around the corner from our place so pleasure riding for Abby is definitely in her future. I'm not going to lie it's an adjustment for me. It might be different once lessons get going, but right now it seems so weird for her not to be doing something she loves so much.

Well hello Dixie #latergram

Truly it wasn't a decision she made lightly. It came after much thought and conversation, but she's happy with it. She is starting middle school in the fall and I think she's going in nervous, but at the same time willing to make the absolute most of the new opportunities. You know, Mom, she said to me, I just want to try some new things. I wish I could have been more like her at 12... heck I wish I could be like her now.

Riding lessons. Again.

Looking forward to seeing what new things middle school brings us.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

graduation day

It's no secret that Mike finds ordering a drink at Starbucks incredibly intimidating, to the point where he refused to ever go to Starbys. Oh wait... I got that wrong. It is a secret. I was supposed to keep that a secret...... Oh well..... too late now.

So for the past little bit Mike's been working with a Starbucks coach (aka Auntie KK) who has been ordering for Mike when we meet for coffee while Mike quietly observes the process and drinks whatever his Starbys coach orders for him, mostly girlie drinks like a mocha with whip and not manly man drinks like tall americano with room.

And then finally this happened...


That is a tall vanilla frappaccino that Mike ordered all on his very own. Another successful graduate of the Auntie KK Starbucks ordering program! They grow up so fast, don't they?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

best wife ever too

To keep rolling with the theme....not only am I the best Mom ever (see yesterday's post), I'm also the Best Wife Ever. Oh it's true my friends and here's why. Mike and I have had the opportunity to stay at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto several times. Every time we've been there Mike has raved about the pillows and begged me to stuff one or two in my purse and bring them home. I never have because 1. I'm sure the Royal York would notice them missing and charge me accordingly and 2. I know I carry big purses, but these pillows are sooooo fluffy you can't even believe it. I might fit a couple in a steamer trunk, but my purse? No.

A couple of weeks ago while the rest of the house slept I thought to myself.... hmmm I wonder if I could source out those Royal York pillows (which was odd I even thought of that because it's been a couple of years since we've stayed there). So I googled Royal York Pillows and wouldn't you know it.... the power of the interwebs brought me right to the manufacturer's website. I was so excited I can't even tell you.

Now I realize at this point you're all like..... uh Shanny, it's just a pillow, calm yourself. And you're not entirely wrong, I mean, it is just a pillow and I'm pretty much an any pillow will do kind of chick, but here's the thing. Mike is an incredibly restless sleeper. All night, every night is adjusting and readjusting and then adjusting and readjusting again of the pillows and the blankets until the morning at which I get to hear all about how his pillows are the absolute worst thing that ever found their way onto this earth.... so yeah finding the Royal York pillows made me incredibly happy..... until I plunked it into my digital shopping cart. $60+ for a pillow shipped. I wavered back and forth. On one hand, a good night's sleep should never be under valued on the other we're talking $60+ for a pillow!! I could get 6 pillows for the same money at the local shopping center.

So back I went to google. Now that I had the name of the company I thought maybe I could find it somewhere else cheaper, not that I was overly optimistic. Turns it was good move on my part, since they were selling the exact same pillow at Costco for 50% less and free shipping. I could not order that pillow fast enough. My original plan was to tuck it away for Christmas, but after a few especially restless nights I thought it seemed mean to keep it, if it could help.  So for the past couple of weeks Mike has been resting his head (and loving it) on a Royal York pillow securing my position as best wife ever for all of eternity. The wonders of modern technology, huh?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

what are you trying to say here kid?

Me: Hey Maya, do you want ice cream?
Maya: Yes, please........ but could you put it in a cone?
Me: It's already in a cone, sweets.
May: Yay!
Me: Go ahead, you can say it....
Maya: What?
Me: Best Mom Ever!
Maya: Best Mom EVER!!

and then quietly to Mike.....

Maya: But actually she's my only Mom, so.......