Thursday, September 03, 2015

it's my favourite

This is my favourite age. I have said this very thing a million times in my Mom career. Whatever age my kids are at currently is mi favourite. I know a lot of moms get all nostalgic about the newborn stage and the baby stage and so on but I rarely have felt the desire to move time backwards. I have friends and family with babies and toddlers and I love the pictures and videos they send me, but I can often be heard remarking to Mike, glad it's them and not me because as cute as the little tyke is tossing blocks all over the living room and pretty happy with my life being virtually block tossing free. I, for sure, enjoyed while I had it though.

The newborn all swaddled up in blankets with nothing on the agenda, but sleeping and eating. Super fun. The baby in the jolly jumper, the crawling, cruising, learning to walk. Pretty epic. Four year olds who come home from school with stories about friends you've never met and shaky over sized printing. So much fun! I loved it. It was my favourite stage, while we were in that stage and it still remains true today.


The 13 year old with the cellphone that texts me things so funny and random that I have to take a screen shot and send it to my friend TC. Who suggests shows we can binge watch together like Once Upon a Time. Who is quick witted and responsible and can make her own breakfast. Who runs with me and makes me listen to cool music. Yep, 13 is definitely my favourite age.

Then we have the 9 year old, who may be the most literal almost 4th grader you've ever met. The one who after overhearing her Dad joke that he "drove a Dodge Stratus" said um, excuse me, but he drives a Ford Freestyle. (if you get the Dodge Stratus reference we can totally be best friends). Who puts away her own laundry (in a kinda, sorta, good enough way). Who can pour her own cereal and put her own waffles in the toaster. Who likes to watch Frozen and eat popcorn. Yep, 9 is most definitely my favourite age.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

you can call her jack o'lantern

Long time readers may have noticed that Maya likes to take the slow boat to things. She took two years to start sleeping through the night, for example. So it may come as no surprise that at the age of nine and a half she had only lost two teeth and those only because the dentist removed them and that was just a month or so ago. Around the same time we noticed that she finally had a tooth that could be called wiggly. So it wiggled and it wiggled and it wiggled a little bit more and then finally after her second bite into a naan bread pizza it had wiggled it's way mostly out.

Lucky for me ML always seems to be here for a visit when my kids teeth are just barely hanging in their heads. Even luckier, she's happy to deal with that whole extraction process because..... ick. this being Maya though, it wasn't going to be quick or easy and ML being ML, she doesn't proceed until she gets word from the child in question. So they sat on the couch together, Maya with dental floss tied around her tooth and ML with a killer pep talk and they sat and they sat and they talked and they sat.

Mike was out running some errands during ToothWatch 15, but had promised to bring back timbits, too bad Maya wouldn't be able to eat them in the state she was in. So ML pep talked her face off the 45 minutes or so that Mike was gone. All it took was Maya hearing the back door open, her Dad coming home with timbits in hand.... PULL IT! So MyPie and ML each with a hand on the floss popped that tooth right out. They also lost it momentarily in the couch, but that's a story for another time.


Monday, August 31, 2015

sunday randoms on a monday

I am unabashedly in love with Taylor Swift. I hope we can still be friends.

Also play far more Plants vs Zombies 2 then I probably should!

Netflix in bed is like the best thing ever, how come y'all never told me?

This weekend kind of slipped through my fingers like sand. I feel like I got zero accomplished, to which Mike says p'shaw!

After an epically long break I started running again, with the Abster. As a beginner she has a love/hate relationship going with it. 

September... it arrives tomorrow. What?

Given this is the last day on August we are on the eve of what is... hands down.... my busiest month in the year. Wish me good luck y'all.

That being said I am looking forward to hoodies and tea and early evenings.

How are y'all doing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

words from the fridge


This has been the theme of the last 19 years. The secret to our success? Possibly.


Yes, Michael and I recently celebrated our anniversary. If you know us in real life you know we aren't hung up on celebrations really. So we had no real plans for the day. Work, home, evening with the kids. Lucky for us the 13 year old and her trusty cell phone were cooking up a plan with Granny.


A plan that included a home made anniversary banner.


Homemade flowers.


Breakfast for dinner because Mom likes eggs benedict for special occasions.


And thanks to a well stocked pantry at the neighbour's.... cake too!

It was the perfect big deal/not a big deal kind of celebration. Thanks to the girls for cooking it up and Granny for helping them out. We loved it!

Thanks to Michael for making me a wife and a mom and a better person. Thanks for being the best partner in everything that a girl could ask for. Thanks for living simply, dreaming big, being grateful, giving love and laughing lots with me. Here's to the next nineteen!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

we're streaming

Have you heard the exciting news? That we recently had our bandwidth cap raised from an archaic 20 gigs, to a more reasonable 100 gigs? It's like we won the internet lottery! Of course the first thing we had to do was sign up for Netflix! So exciting to finally be one of the cool kids! It's kind of a lot of pressure though, what should I watch first. There is so much to get caught up on. Things you unlimited internet users take for granted. So after much thought and consideration I started thusly....

1. Suits! Because of course I did. That whole show could just be Harvey Spector walking around in those suits and I would be happy.... but not really because my true love is actually Donna!

2. Once Upon a Time. Pre-Netflix we'd borrow seasons of shows from the library, but if the show was popular then the wait list was long and by the time you got your hands on the next season there had likely been some sort of spoiler alert breakdown because your jerky friends assumed you'd already seen that episode. The girls and I are actually watching this together. I love that we can start an episode at our leisure. Another library issue, you need to wrap up a whole season in a week or prepare to be fined 25 cents per day it's late.

3. The Battered Bastards of Baseball. Mike is a bit of a documentary junkie. Don't get me wrong I love a good documentary too and this one about an incredibly interesting baseball team hits all the right notes.

4. House of Cards. Getting caught up on season three. Oh boy do I love Kevin Spacey even though he scares the life out of me.

5. Derek! Oh my, I don't think I made it through an episode without weeping. What an incredibly sweet series. What an incredibly sweet portrayal of Derek, by Ricky Gervais. Loved it!

What are your NetFlix favourites?

Sunday, August 09, 2015

go jays go

Just wrapping up another week of holidays here. It was the perfect combo of busy and relaxing. Due to the re-jigging of some travel plans the kids were away for a few days at the end of the week, but Mike and I occupied our selves with catching up with Shameless and hitting up a Jays game.


Oh the Jays! How I love you, even more now that you're tearing it up! Martin has been my favourite player, but I'm not going to lie, Donaldson has been worming his way into my heart.


In true Michael fashion we were at Roger's Centre hella early, but we did get to check out Greg Zaun and Jamie Campbell in action and we strolled through the Jays Store where Michael ix-nayed the purchase of this hat, even though the compound wife said I'd be crazy not to buy it.

It ended up being a great game to go too. We splurged on 100 level tickets, we're usually 500 level people. We were one section over from the guy who got himself ejected from the game. I'm sure he's a perfectly decent human being in his regular life, but dude made a big mistake and Joey Bats was not having it! Either was the rest of Roger's Centre. Being booed the entire walk up has got to be all kinds of not fun!

The ride home on the train, may have been the most interesting ride I've ever experienced on the Go. There was a lot of passenger communication. A lot of story sharing. Mike got a fist bump from some random dude. A spontaneous round of applause began for another passenger. You had to be there to truly appreciate the absurdness of it all.

We're hoping to squeeze in one more game, this time with the kiddos before everything gets crazy here with back to school and fair stuff. Maya is pretty desperate to see a game in person, now that she knows there's a scoreboard at the dome that will help her keep track of how many balls, strikes and outs there are. She's a pretty hysterical baseball fan, if you get the chance you should totally watch a game with her. She's the most encouraging armchair coach you ever did meet.

Friday, August 07, 2015

cellphones for the next generation

So the thirteen year old has a cell phone. Now I realize some of you out there will be saying, "yeah so, what took you so long?" and others will be saying, "seriously, thirteen? Nope, wouldn't happen in my house!" And that's fine. All of that is fine. You know yourself and your family far better than I do. So you go right ahead and rock on with your bad self.

It should be noted that the cell phone decision did not come about lightly. Nope, it's been a topic of discussion for the better part of two years, between Mike and I and just as many that included the teenager. Prior to having children of my own, I was firmly in the "They can get a cellphone when they can pay for it themselves" camp. The world and I have changed, a lot, since those days. The teenager clearly does not have any form of regular income that doesn't come out of my bank account, so yes we are footing the bill. There is an expectation that, in return, we shouldn't have to ask 500 times for her to pitch in around the house. In general she's a pretty decent kid in that regard so there was no real worries.

I think the biggest tipping point for us, was her finishing up her first year of middle school. She was involved with some things that required her to stay late at school. She also joined some clubs, made some new friends and just in general was spending more time independent of her family and close friends. We live in a rural area and there are very very few places she can walk to. Every where requires a ride, which is fine. We choose to live here, but it gave us peace of mind for her to be able to get in touch with us or another trusted adult independent of who she was out with.

Trusted adults, before she even had her pone in her hands, I had loaded her contact list with the names and phone numbers of people she could call/text if the situation ever arose. She may have memorized our home number and our cells, but what if she couldn't reach either of us? Again, just for our own peace of mind it is nice for her to have the numbers of those people. Her plan comes with free evenings/weekends, unlimited texting and enough any time minutes, no data. At this age, I feel the internet on a cell phone is a secondary function. There is wifi just about everywhere and we went for quite some time with her just having an ipod with a wifi connection and she was able to text us, but the app was only so so. It wouldn't always let me know that she had texted me.

The rules for the phone are not that much different from the ipod. I have her pass code and I do random spot checks. She texts her Dad and I the most, but she's not a heavy duty texter. She has facebook, instagram and some games on it, but she knows which apps I am not cool with. We also need to discuss apps she would like to put on her phone. I don't constantly hover over her because she's fairly trouble free and we want to afford her a certain amount of respect and privacy, but I keep myself in the mix just enough. There isn't a time she needs to hand the phone over, she's a kid that likes her sleep, so her staying up late texting her friends is not something I worry about, also see above, not a big player in the texting game.

For us, it was important, as is true with most things, to really know who and what you're dealing with. As I have mentioned many times I parent with my words, I spend a lot of time talking with my kids so I feel I have a fairly good grasp on what they can handle. I also make sure to be explicitly clear on what my expectations are and the consequences should they not be met. Reading that last sentence it sounds a little heavy handed, but I never ask for anything at an unreasonable level. The foundation to all of my expectations when it comes to my kids is be kind, be respectful, be polite and have some empathy. Not everything, everyone or every situation is going to go your way or be your cup of tea, but that is never an excuse to abandon those ideals.